QC Profile

1.  Incoming Raw Material Inspection

2.  Raw Material Segregation to avoid steel grade mix-up

3.  Heating and Hammering End for Cold Drawing

4.  Cold Drawing and Cold Rolling, on line inspection

5.  Heat Treatment,  +A,  +SRA, +LC, +N,  Q+T

6.  Straightening-Cutting to specified length-Finished Measuring Inspection

7.  Machanical Testing in own labs with Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation,   Hardness, Impact,     Mictrostruture etc

8.  Packing and Stocking.






Chemical Composition Testing                                               Chemical Testing


Computer Recording Testing Result                                    Portable Chemical Analyzing



Impact Testing                                                                           Hardness Testing



Tensile Strength Testing                                                           ET & UT testing


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